Currently available and downloadable files

Making Connections

GreenArc Report 2007-8 / Brochure

GreenArc for Environmental Specialists

GreenArc leaflet, June 2007

Broxbourne Study

GreenArc, January 2014

Improving the countryside around London: The Green Arc approach

Prepared by Land Use Consultants for the GreenArc Steering Group, April 2004

GreenArc Strategic GI Plan

Land Use Consultants, March 2011

Strategic GI Plan Appendices

Land Use Consultants, March 2011

GreenArc for Everyone

GreenArc leaflet, June 2007

A Biodiversity Audit and Objective-setting exercise for the Green Arc

LUC report, March 2005, commissioned by Natural England.

GreenArc for Landowners / Agents / Farmers

GreenArc leaflet, June 2007

GreenArc Boundary GIS data

GreenArc, December 2013